A very special bat in every way. Handcrafted by our master batmaker from premium English willow. He makes bats for the some of the best players in the world, and has joined the Willow Twin family. The Gold Edition is crafted from the highest quality willow, with a long bow, duck bill toe and minimal concaving. It provides a huge sweetspot and exceptional ping with a featherlight pick up. A bat for the all round classical strokemaker. If you want to make buckets of runs, and look good whilst you’re at it, the Gold Edition is for you. 

Willow Twin Gold Edition


    We recommend thoroughly knocking-in your cricket bat prior to use


    Our signature bat, handcrafted from the finest willow.


    • Premium grade English willow
    • Long bow profile
    • Minimal concaving and high spine
    • Huge sweetspot
    • Duck bill toe
    • Oval handle 
    • Toe guard fitted as standard
    • Handcrafted by our master batmaker