All options include a £10 donation to The Change Foundation.


Option 1: Blade Refurb £34

Basic service of the blade, strip, sand/clean and fittings (no repairs).


Option 2: Weight / Profile Adjustment & Blade Refurb £39

Reduce weight and/or adjust balance/profile and clean up blade with fittings (no repairs).


Option 3: Blade Repair / Refurb £44

Full blade repair (seal cracks) and refurb (no handle or adjustment work).


Option 4: Weight / Profile Adjustment & Blade Repair / Refurb £49

Full blade repair/refurb with weight/profile adjustments (no handle work).

Jersey Bat Refurbishment

Select Willow Twin Stickers
  • Once purchased, please contact Ross directly (07829855683) or via us at support@willowtwin.co.uk to arrange your refurb.


    At Willow Twin we pride ourselves on quality craftsmanship, and outstanding aesthetics.


    If you live in Jersey you can be the beneficiary of a first-class on-island bat repair courtesy of Ross Chadwick, our versatile and experienced batmaker and refurbisher.


    Choose from a range of options including a simple clean-up with fresh Willow Twin stickers, through to weight reductions and profile adjustments, all of which include a direct donation towards the work of The Change Foundation.