Age 18

Refugee Cricket Project

"When I come to this country I was 13, I started playing cricket at the refugee council with a tennis ball that had been taped up. The refugee council took me to Refugee Cricket Project at The Change Foundation where I learned to play hard ball cricket.


When I first came to the project I thought it was just about getting better at cricket. I soon realised that it was more than that. They helped me get support about immigration problems, also problems with getting into a school and college.


I have joined a cricket club and had county trials; this was something I never thought would have happened. I think if I didn’t have cricket I would have been less settled. 

I would like to finish college with a good grade and keep playing cricket for a local club. But my big dream would be to continue to look at becoming a professional cricketer because I now know dreams can happen."

"I now know dreams can happen"



To inspire generations of young people to be better prepared to lead fulfilling lives



To change the lives of young people through sport

"It's much more than cricket"

Leanne & Lois

Age 22 & Age 18

Hit the Top Futures programme & Hit the Top Heroes programme

Leanne: "I first joined a Hit the Top club when I was 14. Then two years ago I did the Futures employability programme which really helped me with my confidence, if it wasn’t for that I would never have done this interview."

Lois: "I attended an event for people with visual impairments (VI) and a Change Foundation coach told me to come along to the regular Monday session. It’s made such a massive difference getting to know other girls and gives us role models and friendships. I speak up more, my confidence has grown. The apprenticeship has made me feel secure rather than doubting the future all the time. Hit the Top is much more than cricket; I live on my own so it’s like having a family around."


Lois and Leanne: "The biggest highlight was representing the UK in Nepal and going to play against Nepal in the first ever VI girls international cricket match. It was amazing, to see how they live and work, how different it is to us. We’ll never forget it."









"My coaches were a big inspiration, they believed in me, they understood me and understood my disability. They always believed that I could do anything if I just went for it."


Age 21 

Hit the Top Futures programme

"I came to The Change Foundation on work experience from my school and got involved in Hit the Top. The coaches said I had potential as a player and I got involved in volunteering and coaching.


Cricket drew me to it, I played mainstream cricket since the age of 10, it was my passion and through the links I made through the charity I was able to fulfil my passion.

I’m more independent now and confident around people. I’m a bit more reliable with times and my independent travel is a lot better. It was awesome being recognised as Hit the Top Coach of the year in 2015 for the work I do with kids with disabilities in Sutton. I want to encourage the kids to try new things and be more independent and take opportunities.

In 2017 we have a big tour with the England Learning Disability Cricket team against South Africa and Australia here at home in England. It will mean the world to me to play in front of my family, my work mates and my friends. Hopefully we can build this version of the game, and get more people down to see it and become role models to other young people."